Bishop Victor Tyrone Curry is an exemplary pastor, preacher, author, teacher and social activist who epitomizes focused leadership. Ordained over thirty years ago, Bishop Curry has since been emboldened to daily action through service motivated by divinely-prescribed commitments to his faith and invigorated to a pursuit of social justice for all.

After seven years as the pastor of Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Curry was called to “begin anew” and so came to found the New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International of North Miami. Under his leadership the church’s expansive ministerial portfolio includes: New Birth Broadcasting Corporation and AM 1490 WMBM, a 24 hour Gospel Radio Station, Vision to Victory Human Services Corporation, the Dr. John A. McKinney Christian Academy and the Dr. E.V. Hill Bible College. Further to his compliment, Bishop Curry is the founding Moderator of the Progressive Kingdom Baptist Association under the leadership of Dr. James B. Sampson (President of the Florida General Baptist Convention, Inc.), is the Full Gospel State Bishop of Florida under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III, and is a newly ordained Bishop within the International Bishops Conference under the leadership of Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr.

His humanitarian resolve manifests numerous projects and extensions from varied entities. Most notably, Bishop Curry has devoted attention and resources to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, as well as the Haitian community in South Florida. With mission trips, a food pantry and financial contributions to schools, orphanages and ministries, Bishop Curry maintains his passion and engagement with a dedication that persists long after the news crews depart and the camera lights fade. In the wake of Hurricane Joaquin, the Bahamian islands have now also become a focal point of his concern.

As a civic and community leader, Bishop Curry has inhabited a number of substantive leadership roles including: a multi-term Presidency of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP, Chairman of Social Justice within the Florida General Baptist Convention and most recently, he was elected to the National Board of Directors of the National Action Network and was subsequently installed as the inaugural President of the South Florida chapter. His current appointment as the NAN Southeast Regional Director, where he provides oversight to chapters from Florida to Virginia, further confirms his unbridled zeal, fervent allegiance and tireless energy. His efforts towards engaging voters during election years, holding town hall meetings, political forums and affecting all to expand the social and political consciousness of his community, continues to impact and to inspire.

Bishop Curry’s national recognition propelled him to accept an assignment as the Master of Ceremonies at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington as well as serve as a panelist for the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference. He has been the beneficiary of countless awards and honors far too numerous to specify, each authenticating his genuine philanthropy, altruism and distinction. His life efforts reverberate the challenge “to seek first the kingdom”, for indeed a charge to keep he has and a God to glorify.