Support Ministries

Athletic Ministry

This ministry fosters the physical well being of the member using athletic avenues and events. Coordinates New Birth Optimist Sports program.

Director: Sherman V. Mills

Computer Lab Ministry

This ministry seeks to bridge the digital divide by teaching computer classes. Program provides basic and advanced computer knowledge and skills.

Director: Claude Gibson

Bennie M. Wiggins Deaconess Ministry

This ministry of women assists the Deacon’s Ministry with family related needs. They are responsible for preparing communion and candidates for baptism.

Directress: Shirley Oliver
Assistant Directress: Geneva Stirrup

Deacons Ministry

Assistants to the Senior Pastor in serving family needs.

Director: Reginald Woods
First Assistant Director:
David Washington

Health Ministry

Designed to educate the membership as well as the community regarding health issues and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This ministry also facilitates fairs that educate, provide screening, conduct sessions, etc.

Director: Mattie Jackson
Assistant Director: Deacon Cecil Bell
Coordinator: Lu Lu Jackson

Hospitality Ministry

Receives and welcomes visitors, guests and congregation for Worship and special services.

Director: Thomasena Wilson
Assistant Director: Debbie Moreau

Kountist Moss Conquers Of Cancer

This ministry assists those that have been diagnosed with cancer and their needs.

Director: Deaconess Carolyn Jones

Healing Hands

A support group that provides a safe environment for persons living with HIV/AIDS as well as affected persons referrals for community, assistance as necessary, pre and post test counseling assistance with the disability process,prevention education

Director: Crystal Lee

Lord’s Kitchen III

Ministry that feeds the disenfranchised and less fortunate in the community and provides needed items to those individuals.

Director: Trustee Olivia Henry

Political Awareness Council

Presents local, state and national political agendas to the Committee congregation.
Director: Deacon William Adams

Nation Of Jesus Mens Ministry

The men’s ministry seeks to empower men in their roles as head of their family and instill spiritual values maturing into the full understanding of “Headship of Christ”.

Director: Trustee Anthony Dawsey

Newsletter Ministry

This ministry was designed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through print media as well as keep the membership informed of the growth of the ministry, current events, etc.

Director:Debbie Toomer


Testifies to the delivering power of God over substance abuse. A support ministry for persons and family members who have been affected by substance abuse.

Director: Deaconess Carolyn Jones

Parking Lot Ministry

Parking attendants control the flow of traffic to provide traffic ease and public safety.

Director: Deacon David Washington

Lena Norman’s Pastor’s Esteem Mimistry

Ministry that looks after the well-being of our Bishop and his family.

Director: Trustee Pamela Knox-Shuler

Peacekeepers Ministry

Ministry designed to maintain order within Worship service.

Director: Deacon Leon McTear

Ruby Stephen’s Ushers Ministry

Doorkeepers who assist in the church service by seating individuals and helping those with special needs.

Director: Larry Spells

Silent Praise Ministry (Deaf Ministry)

This ministry spreads the gospel to the deaf and hard of hearing. Classes are also offered in American Sign Language where students are equipped and prepared to sign during Worship services and Tuesday night Bible studies.

Director: Kathy Johnson

Stewardship Ministry

Implements a Christ-centered comprehensive stewardship ministry. Develop programs that systematically involve each entity of the church, which communicates Biblical tithing and demonstrating an excellence in stewardship.

Pastor: Elder Vernita Williams

Transportation Ministry

Provides transportation to Worship services. Provides drivers for ministry-related activities.

Director: Deacon Stephen Hunter

Trustees Ministry

Appointed by the Senior Pastor. Trustees assist the Senior Pastor in the fiscal and real estate matters of the church.

Director: Trustee Rubye L. Howard
Assistant Directors: Trustees Anthony Dawsey, Rosa Jones & Phil Edgecomb

W.I.S.E. Women Ministry (Women of Integrity Seeking Excellence)

Empowers women to fulfill the biblical directive for their lives. Promotes fellowship within sisterhood and sustenance to the local body.

Coordinators: Elder Vivian Whitehead, Elder Brenda Williams, Elder Vertivia Davis, Ms. Yolanda Davis

Elder Glady’s E. McClain Wisdom Ministry

Ministry especially designed for the spiritual needs of our senior saints.

Interim Director: Trustee Julie Reid

Young Adult Ministry

Caters to the spiritual growth and needs of the young adult. Provides insight, motivation, instruction and skill-building that will promote professionalism in young adults as well as, for the college student.

Pastor: Elder Nathaniel Holmes
Director: Jamila Rauf

Congregational Care Ministry

Pastor: Elder James G. Cuthbertson
Director: Sabrina Adams

Designed to minister to families during their time of bereavement, visit and assist sick and shut-in members and welcome our new members into the Body of Christ.

Bereavement Care

Provides after-care support for bereaved families.

Coordinator: Patricia Wilson Cone