Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry of New Birth assists the Senior Pastor in the teaching ministry of the church, and helps our sisters and brothers grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). This entails the administration and coordination of programs, conferences, and workshops to facilitate the spiritual growth and discipleship of our membership


The Counselors Ministry serves as the initial contact with individuals who have made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, those in need of restoration, and/or those who are joining our church family. Counselors also offer prayer, provide information, and help those newly re-born into the family of God take their first steps in the faith.

New Disciples Ministry

It is here where we begin to understand our purpose as a Christian. This ministry provides discipleship training classes that help new members further understand their decision as a new believer and become acclimated with our ministry.

Follow Up Ministry

Ensuring that our members are consistent in church attendance, our Follow Up Ministry makes calls to members who may be wavering in their attendance and who may need support along their Christian walk. We believe in being our brother’s keeper.

Sunday Bible School

As an extension of the teachings from our Senior Pastor, the Sunday Bible School Ministry provides an in-depth study of the Bible, teaching age to help build closer relationships with God. Our Sunday Bible Study is a welcoming environment, where students are encouraged to ask questions, explore and expand their faith, and learn how to apply biblical principles to everyday Christian life.

Silent Praise (Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministry)

The Silent Praise Ministry offers interpretation of the message and the music to those who are deaf and/or hard of hearing.

African History Ministry

The African History Ministry preserves and teaches African & African-American history, culture, and legacy. One of only a dozen ministries of its kind in the USA, this ministry seeks to develop an awareness of our African/Biblical heritage through seminars, film screenings, lectures, and panels with the intentional focus of how the history relates and guides our present and future.