Evangelism Outreach
and Missions Ministry

Evangelism Outreach & Missions Ministry

We are passionate about going into the highways and hedges compelling them to come (Luke 14:23). Our Evangelism ministry seeks to tell of the Good News, encouraging those who are still in need of salvation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Evangelism Training

Winning souls to Christ is important and critical. Our Evangelism Ministry provides training to those who desire to learn proper ways to witness to the unsaved.

Street Team Witnessing

The Street Team provides tracts about salvation and various other practical topics as they witness to those in the surrounding communities, inspiring the lost to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prison Outreach & Letter Writing

We strive to encourage those who are incarcerated to believe that God is a deliverer, to maintain their faith and hope, and to share with them that a life in Christ can be fulfilling, even while being incarcerated. This ministry corresponds with those who are incarcerated and makes visits to Municipal, State, and Federal correction facilities.

Homeless Outreach

The Homeless Outreach Ministry shares the Word of God through witnessing, Bible studies, and worship services at homeless shelters.

Hospital & Nursing Home

Providing prayer and sharing of God’s Word to those who are sick and shut-in.

Prayer Warriors

The Prayer Warriors provide intercessory prayer on behalf of our corporate ministry as well as for individuals with specific concerns and requests.